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Struggle Seeing Results From Digital Advertising?

For Companies & Entrepreneurs...

Our Facebook Advertising Strategies Increase Sales & Engagement, So That You Can FINALLY See A Return On Your Investment.


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2018 Success So Far

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When other lead generation sites like Zillow, Trulia, Lending Tree are charging anywhere from $50-125 per lead PLUS they'll sell those leads to 217 different companies at the same time...

We were able to generate EXCLUSIVE purchase leads for around $10 CPL (cost-per-lead).

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There is a misconception that only Millennials are on Social Media.  When in fact, there are over 30 million Baby Boomers & Seniors on Facebook.  We took advantage of Facebook's algorithm and an under-valued market, hitting an average of 3%+ CTR and in some campaigns, less than $1 CPM.

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Coaching programs are notoriously competitive when advertising on digital platforms.  It can be difficult to break through the noise, as well as, consistently be in front of your target audience.

With Fearless Agent Coaching & Training, we were able to register over 500+ Real Estate Agents to their training webinar. 

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Brands We've Rolled Our Sleeves Up For

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In Order To Be Irreplaceable You Must Be Different...

-Coco Chanel


Is Your Brand Irreplaceable?


There is more to a successful Advertising Campaign then just "management"

As entrepreneurs we love building businesses and helping companies grow, but were fed up with getting screwed over and taken advantage of by advertising agencies.  After a ton of research and testing, we created a Advertising process that is not only proven to show results BUT is the same process the top Ad Agencies have been using for over 50 years.

*to summarize Our process...

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buIld Brand Awareness

Reaching out to cold audiences is tough. Trying to convert them is even tougher! Building brand awareness is the simplest concept of simply saying, "Hey everyone... We exist!!". Getting your audience used to your brand.

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engage your audience

People buy from who they know & like. So, we now move into the process building trust and authority with your new audience. Putting them in front of engaging content is the easiest way to accomplish this.

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Go in for the "ask"

At the end of the day it's all about ROI. In this case we consider the "ask" the conversion point. As we have previously warmed up your audience to it's tipping point, this is where our bread & butter.



We Help You FOCUS On What Matters... Results!

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654% Return on Investment in 3-months using Sprague Media. Why would we go anywhere else?
— Tyler Sterling // PDX Pest Control

Sprague Media is my go-to! I know if I need to get my message out to my audience, they’ll get the job done.
— Cody Rich // The Rich Outdoors



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We like growing beards and swearing...

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